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Welcome on my page! I am Annabelle Boucher, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, or IBCLC.

Take note that I am no longer available in Montreal et the South Shore.

I am now in Rimouski, in my hometown!

Mes services

Virtual and in-home breastfeeding consultations

For flowing milk

  • Things are a lot harder than you expected and want things checked out?

  • You have tons of questions on  pregrancy, birth and breastfeeding?

  • You have a particular condition and need supports and information to breastfeed?

  • You are in need of both an empathic and experienced health professional?

I am happy to offer you consultations with 0 risk of Covid-19 transmission; the virtual consultations! Contrarely to my first beliefs, with the experience, I find those very efficient, sometimes even more than in-home consultations!


I offer an array of services from prenatal to postnatal, with the respect that your unique and special family deserves. I will take my time to listen to you and assess your breastfeeding while following baby's lead. We will establish your breastfeeding plan together, and I will follow-up with secured textos and emails as well as phone calls for 2 weeks, or until the problem is resolved.









For  more information or to book online:

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120 minutes


Virtual  consultations only


  • Need to be fully ready to breastfeed

  • Difficulties from last breastfeed journey

  • Planned ceasarean

  • Multiples

  • Risks of preterm labor

  • Antecedents of mammary surgery

  • Condition or illness which might have an impact on breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding issues

Initial virtual consultation

120 minutes


Home consultations

120 minutes



  • Latch difficulties

  • Breast or nipple pain/damage

  • Weak gain weight/weak production

  • Oversupply

  • Cranky/restless baby on the breast

  • Premature ou sick baby

  • Cleft lip and or palate

  • Tongue-tie and lip-tie

  • Mastitis or blocked ducts

  • Relactation

  • Induction

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Worries in a "normal" breastfeeding

Quick consultations

60 minutes

$ 110 


  • Fast check-up

  • Food introduction

  • Come back to work

  • Night weaning - weaning

  • Sleep issues

Worries in a "normal" breastfeeding

Quick consultations

60 minutes

$ 110 


Mentorship for IBCLCs and aspiring IBCLCs

$ 110 / h, private or semi-private consultation

The path to IBCLC certification and then to private practice is neither simple nor easy. As several people have already taken advantage of my mentoring services, I decided to make this service official. No matter where you are in your path, this service will allow you to:

For aspiring IBCLCs:

  • Unravel the different pathways to become IBCLC, depending on your reality

  • Reassure you about the steps already taken, and clarify what remains to be done

  • Check that the courses to be taken or taken correspond to the IBLCE criteria

  • Exam preparation support and tools

For IBCLCs wishing to get into private practice:

  • Create an audience

  • Create a network of professionals

  • Know how to start a paperless professional practice

  • Know the important tools of an IBCLC toolbox in private practice

  • Better understand how to make a website and create a unique brand image

  • Clarify how to advertise

  • Establish a list of services and prices

  • Know the tips for virtual consultations

Cours et formations

Formations and conferences

The volonteers and or the health professionals of your organization need formation on breastfeeding?

My years of graduate studies at master's and doctorate led me to read, analyze and criticize a large amount of scientific articles. I like peeling bibliographic lists just as much as others read novels!  I love to reserarch and summarize scientific papers on various topics related to perinatality, and it is always a great pleasure to share my knowledge.

Formations virtuelles (in French only)

À la demande de parents mais aussi de mes pairs, je vous offre ici quelques unes de mes formations en allaitement. Apprenez sur le sujet de votre choix à votre rythme, au moment qui vous convient le mieux. Des années d'expérience et d'expertise condensées en courts vidéos préenregistrés. Visionnez les formations sur votre téléphone, tablette ou ordinateur. Vous y aurez accès de façon illimitée pendant un an!

Other formations

The volonteers and or the health professionals of your organization need formation on breastfeeding?

My years of graduate studies at master's and doctorate led me to read, analyze and criticize a large amount of scientific articles. I like peeling bibliographic lists just as much as others read novels!  I love to reserarch and summarize scientific papers on various topics related to perinatality, and it is always a great pleasure to share my knowledge.

I already have conferences and/or formations on those subjects, which are adaptable to any audience:

  • breastfeeding and birth 

  • the beginnings of breastfeeding

  • baby's sleep

  • introduction of solids - BLW

  • return to work

  • weaning

  • current issues such as blebs, bloked ducts, mastitis, engorgments, etc

  • the high need babies

  • breastfeeding and drugs

I would be very interested to explore the scientific literature on other related subjects. Try me! Fees from $250/2h for volonteers to $250/h for the health professionals.

À propos

About me

I am an IBCLC lactation consultant. Which means that my skills and knowledge meet the high standards of the International Board of Lactation Examiners Consultant, or IBLCE. As an IBCLC, I must abide by the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes, my Scope of professional practice and, of course, the IBLCE Code of Ethics, which protects the general public.

I had not planned to become a lactation consultant. I intended to be a university professor in psychology / gerontology / sexology, doing research. My amazement and my passion for breastfeeding were born at the same time as the mother in me, a little over eight years ago! Even though my milk was "magical" in many ways, I had a lot of difficulties breastfeeding, even later on with my second son.

When my eldest was 2 years old, I made a decision that would change my life; to drop the research - my PhD - to help support breastfeeding families. This is how I became a Leader at La Leche League, the only breastfeeding aid organization recognized worldwide by the WHO and Unicef. I have held various volunteer roles, including those of La Voie Lactée Editor, Liaison Officer for Health Professionals and most recently, as Board Director of La Leche League. Through my personal and professional experience, I have been involved in the management of the most complex cases. My actual roles between this organization are to support other leaders with the most complicated questions, to offer them formations and informative texts.

I am now at another stage of my personal and professional life. I'm not breastfeeding anymore. This is the time to make a career of my passion!

Leaving a home where baby sleeps, satiated with good milk, where parents are finally calm, confident and in control of their ability to breastfeed and taking care of their little treasure. It is to make this difference that I wake up each morning!

I am this little fairy who will be present, listening and full of resources to accompany you in this great, beautiful but often difficult adventure that is birth and breastfeeding!

Ma formation

My education in a nutshell

I'm an eternal student. In addition to my IBLCE degree, I hold a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in gerontology research from the University of Sherbrooke. Psychology, and in particular the concept of self-actualization, is the guideline of my studies and my approach to the human being, from birth to death. I am excited to have this opportunity to implement all the conditions and strategies for the growth and fulfillment of new small humans. And yes, studies show that proximal mothering, through breastfeeding, is the one that best fills the reservoir of love and confidence of our little ones :)

For those who might be interested, here is the link to my little gem of master's memory (a girl can be proud eh sometimes). I am probably the only IBCLC with both a bachelor's degree in psychology in addition to being a gerontologist and having a solid training and research experience! I am convinced, not only by research but also by my own experience, that babies are born to be breastfed in order to grow and flourish. Human milk is so wonderful!

Service area for Rimouski and the St. Lawrence region

It makes me happy to drive to you as long as your home it is about 30 minutes from Rimouski. If in doubt, send me your address, the type of appointment you need and your day and time preference for the appointment, and I'll tell you if I can get there. If your home is outside of this zone, I might be able to see you but will charge an extra travel fee of $40.


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To make an appointment online, please click on this link.

As soon as your appointment is booked, you will get an email with a medical form to complete as well as a consent form to read and sign. Please complete them before our appointment.


I use the IntakeQ platform for scheduling and saving your records securely and easily.


I cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of your sensitive data by regular texting, let alone with Facebook messaging.

  • If you have an emergency, text me or call me and I'll see if I can free myself within 12-24 hours.


When you book an appointment online, you will be asked if you agree to give your credit card number for later payment. This is not an obligation.

I accept cash, cheque or credit card payments online or in person at the appointment.

I love animals but I am allergic to cats and dogs! Please put them out of reach during our meeting.

If you have one or more older children, it would be advantageous to have a parent/guardian so that we can focus on our work.

Phone: 514-827-3955

Fax: 514-548-3615


Thanks for reaching out!



Annabelle has been an invaluable support at all times for me and still today! A great help, a great sensitive and empathetic listener, without judgment. Equipped with a lot of up-to-date knowledge with a great understanding of the human body and the transition to motherhood. Very generous and friendly. She has accompanied me many times "with all due respect" to persevere and keep faith in my breastfeeding, ability, my choices, my efforts and my relationship with my son. Great relief to have met her and to have her in my support network. I always turn to her when needed. A thousand thanks xoxo" 😘🙏🌹🤱


Sabrina Bolduc

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