LES PREMIÈRES DROPS, prenatal classes specializing in breastfeeding.


THE FIRST DROPS - prenatal classes specializing in breastfeeding


  • Are you thinking of breastfeeding, but you are not sure of your choice?

  • Are you expecting a child, and apprehend the beginnings of breastfeeding?

  • Would you like to know the impact of interventions during childbirth on your future breastfeeding?

  • Do you see your previous breastfeeding as a failure, and would like to do better this time?

  • You know that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your unborn baby, but you feel lost and don't know where to start?


This training is for you if you are expecting a child, or if you work in perinatal care. It is also ideal for breastfeeding support groups, with formulas specially designed for groups of different sizes.


Breastfeeding is normal and organic, but that doesn't mean it's easy! Be ready, informed and confident to start breastfeeding on the right foot!


3 hours of training!

I offer you here a training based on my knowledge and professional experience in breastfeeding and lactation. Being a mother of two boys who were breastfed not without great difficulty, I wanted, through this unique prenatal course, to teach the basics of lactation and breastfeeding as I would have liked to be taught, there is 10 years old.


That is to say that I have for you a virtual training on breastfeeding preparation which comes in 5 modules in addition to a bonus video:


  • Module 1: Mental preparation

  • Module 2: Why Breastfeed?

  • Module 3: Preparing to give birth to better breastfeed

  • Module 4: The newborn, a small being to discover, understand and breastfeed

  • Module 5: getting off to a good start and maintaining milk production

  • Bonus: pacifier and bottle: yes, no, when, maybe, how?


This prenatal course contains breastfeeding videos and photos and is accompanied by practical breastfeeding sheets: breastfeeding resources, a checklist for positioning baby at the breast, a table for storing breastmilk, and the criteria objectives of good milk production. Save them on your phone to have them at your fingertips at all times!


Detailed content of the training

Module 1: Mental preparation

  • Pregnancy, a unique space to learn about parenting and breastfeeding

  • Explore your surroundings: who has breastfed, who has been breastfed? Who can support you in your choice?

  • The role of the partner in breastfeeding

  • Can I breastfeed?

  • Is breastfeeding a choice?

  • Changes in the body during pregnancy and lactation and the relationship with the breasts that nourish.


Module 2: The Wonders of Human Milk and Breastfeeding

  • Official recommendations

  • The Unique and Wonderful Components of Human Milk

  • The benefits of breastfeeding

  • How milk is made

Module 3: Preparing to give birth to better breastfeed

  • Choices and non-choices during childbirth and their repercussions on breastfeeding.

  • The delivery case and breastfeeding tools.


Module 4: The newborn, a small being to discover, understand and breastfeed

  • Normal baby behavior, what to expect

  • Baby's first hours

  • the second night

  • The needs of baby and mother

  • How to decipher your baby's language, crying and gestures, when the crying is excessive

  • The difficulties of the first weeks


Module 5: getting off to a good start and maintaining milk production

  • How do you know if your baby is getting enough milk?

  • Breastfeeding positions and latch

  • Breastfeeding sleeper

  • Manual expression and breast pumps

  • Breast compression

  • red flags



  • The bottle intro, yes, no, when, maybe, how?

  • The pacifier

After the training, you will have a solid foundation in breastfeeding to prepare and start breastfeeding with confidence, or to better support parents with their breastfeeding.

You will know how to proceed to become the parents you want to be, with the values, objectives and realities that are unique to you.


You will know how to best meet the needs of your breastfed child for a family that grows in love, caring and good milk.

As a bonus, I have videos for you on the use of the pacifier, the bottle, and how to minimize the risk of baby confusion while meeting the needs and desires of the family.

The program is offered to you in various formats, depending on whether you are parents or a perinatal organization.

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The training is given by Annabelle Boucher, IBCLC lactation consultant in private practice. The IBCLC Certified Lactation Consultant is a healthcare professional specializing in lactation.


Annabelle has supported several hundred families in their breastfeeding, whether prenatal, for specific problems or to make transitions, such as weaning. She is convinced that babies are born to be on their mother's breasts and that breastfeeding is an invaluable gift to give to your child.

Breastfeeding starts one drop of love at a time!